Recovery Homes:

For those clients who want to learn to stay clean and sober and have freedom over their addictions LAM Ministries offers Recovery homes that are comfortable and safe environments that cultivates a sober, balanced lifestyle through structured guidelines and cultural accountability. We have a Recovery home for every stage of recovery. We have separated them into levels meaning this. Level 1 is the highest of hours of programing and structure. Level 2 would be less programming and structure but still has both in place with a program to follow. Level 3 would be allowing the client to live on their own and be accountable to others in the sober community as well as random drug and alcohol testing by staff. We do random drug testing to make sure clients are remaining sober.

Level 1: $1,000 per month

Level 2 House of Rest: $ 700.00 per month

Level 3 Sober Living apartments: $ 575.00-650.00 per month