Support Group Schedule


Art Therapy

Creative expression through art therapy is not only relaxing but helps clients connect with their inner selves through the inspiration of images and their physical manifestation in artistic expression. Art therapy helps restore physical, mental and emotional well-being. Some clients in rehab who have difficulty communicating verbally may be able to use art therapy to express themselves. This type of therapy can help in resolving issues, identifying and managing feelings and behaviors, and improving awareness and self-esteem. Research has found that art therapy can be a beneficial to recovery. Art therapy uses traditional forms of art, such as painting in oils or acrylics, watercolors, drawing, photography, sculpture, as well as a variety of other types of visual art expressions.

Cost for this program is  $ 50.00 per session

Family Therapy

Family therapy is designed to help family members improve communication and resolve their conflicts. Typically a certified soul-care provider through LAM Ministries facilitates this. Since addiction affects other members of the family we want families to get the healing they need also, so we offer family therapy and small groups.Family members of recovered addicts run these groups along with a soul-care providers so that the whole family can find freedom and healing.

Cost for program $ 35.00 per session


Group Therapy

Alcohol and drug addiction leads to isolation. Reconnecting addicted individuals to a group or community can help address several important recovery-related issues. In fact, studies show that group therapy sessions can be equally as effective as individual therapy in promoting long-term addiction recovery and finding freedom.

Group therapy includes support groups, skills development groups, and cognitive behavioral groups, among others.

•Providing positive peer support to abstain from substances of abuse

•Reducing the sense of isolation

•Enabling those who abuse substances to witness the recovery of others and the freedom and testimony they bring to the groups

•Providing useful information and support to those who are new to recovery

•Providing feedback regarding values and abilities of other group members

•Offering family-like experiences

•Providing encouragement, coaching, and support

•Offering people the opportunity to learn or relearn the social skills they

need for everyday life instead of resorting to substance abuse.

Other benefits of group therapy are that groups can effectively confront individual members about substance abuse and other harmful behaviors. Groups allow a single recovery professional to help a number of clients at the same time. Groups can add discipline and structure to the lives of people with substance abuse, who often enter recovery when their lives are in chaos. Groups also instill hope, and often provide support and encouragement to one another outside the group setting.

Cost for program $ 50.00